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How do I the business owner benefit?
How do my employees benefit?
How does my company benefit?
How can I afford it?
How will my staff be paid?
Why should I choose HR Concepts?

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From a recent NAPEO survey:
NAPEO found that only four percent of clients had access to a 401(k) plan before entering into a PEO relationship, but 86% had 401(k) access after entering the PEO relationship.

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How do I the business owner benefit?

We free you from the costly non-income producing tasks robbing you of your ability to grow your business.

What does HR Concepts provide and deliver?

  • A Professional Human Resource Staff that will offer you as much support as you need.
  • Risk management and work place safety program.
  • Substantial Savings on workers compensation insurance.
  • Management and monitoring of all workers compensation Claims including disability insurance, deposit audits hearings and reviews.
  • Administer affordable health insurance.
  • Administer affordable fortune 500-type employee benefits.
  • Free 401(k) retirement and pension plan.
  • Free customized employee handbook.
  • Payroll and pay envelopes.
  • Payment of all payroll and statutory taxes.
  • Complete and full government compliance, including:
    • Postings
    • Filings
    • Reports
    • Administration
  • Provide payment of all Federal and state unemployment insurance,Monitor and administer all unemployment claims.

How do my employees benefit?

They will love and thank you for giving them the same fringe benefits usually reserved for Fortune 500 companies.
    Here's what you can offer them:
  • Medical insurance plans
  • Dental insurance
  • Vision plan
  • Section 125 pretax savings
  • Flexible spending accounts
  • Group life/AD&D insurance
  • Disability insurance
  • Retirement and Pension plan 401(k)
  • Multiple quality of life benefits
  • Employee Discounts

How does my company benefit?

Our benefits are your benefit. The HRC program allows you to attract and retain the best employees

How can I afford it?

In most cases HR Concepts has actually reduced cost through economies of scale. We're able to provide lower cost workers compensation, eliminating costly down payments and audit premiums, providing your business with a streamlined better managed cash flow. That same large group principle applies to providing affordable multi employee benefits. The HRC savings you'll enjoy most is the knowledge your business is in compliance and all those costly non-income producing tasks are being economically and efficiently managed.

Are HR Concepts services tax deductible?


Is HR Concepts right for my company?

From 5 to 500 employees. Any type of business can be helped by our professional employer organization. HR Concepts's employee administration and low cost employee benefits are the perfect answer to satisfying the needs of the small business owner. From blue collar to white collar, from child care centers to senior citizen homes, from industrial to Internet, HR Concepts gets you out of the employer business so you can do what you do best. Manage your business more efficiently, more economically and more profitably.

If my employees are on your payroll will I lose control over my staff?

You manage your business as before. You have COMPLETE MANAGEMENT, DIRECTION AND CONTROL over job responsibilities. The workplace and performance goals remain the same as they are now.

How will my staff be paid?

The same way you pay them now, weekly, bimonthly, and semimonthly. HRC will deliver the payroll and you distribute the paychecks to your employees. We can also pay your employees electronically and you can personally distribute the pay stubs.

How will my staff feel about being on HR Concepts's payroll?

Great! They'll continue to do their jobs as they normally do. Working For You. But, thanks to Your Concern, they'll have all the perks and benefits of a Fortune 500 company.

Who'll explain the HRC program to my staff?

Our Human Resources Director will come to your workplace and explain to all of your employees; out of concern for their welfare you have joined forces with a larger group to give them greater benefits at greater savings.

Why should I choose HR Concepts?

Because we're an experienced, professional group of dedicated Human Resource specialists. We are trained to eliminate the stress and pain of the small business employer. Whether you have an employment problem or an unemployment claim, our people are there for you. We're ready to answer any of your employees' questions or solve any of your compliance issues. Our programs have only one purpose... to allow you to do what's best; manage your business's growth and maximize your profits.

What is the HR Concepts Guarantee?

Your company's welfare, growth and success are so important to us, we make this unparalleled guarantee to your business.